Discover the Heart of Utrecht

Sailing in historical style, see the city from the waterways.

Come and sail with us on our beautiful open antique barge! Chugging along Utrecht's historical wharf and riverbank, you will learn about this fascinating city from the perspective of the water "road"ways.

We have two unique boats in our fleet: one was originally used by farmers to ship produce such as cauliflower and cabbage to market. Loaded with vegetables, the barge would sail under the roof of a market and auction house where the produce was sold to greengrocers. The name of the boat, De Streker, refers to the area in the North of Holland where many of those boats were used for transportation of vegetables. The other boat was used as a garbage vessel in earlier days of Utrecht. The restored and squeaky-clean barge still has the original name of the garbage collector who sail it back in the old days, Evert.

The quiet rhythm
Originally, these boats had no motors, the helmsmen skillfully pushed the boats using punting-poles through the shallow ditches in the polders (the area of low-lying land that has been reclaimed from the water and is protected by dikes). These motors are more than fifty years old and were build by the manufacturer "SAMOFA". For their modern use in our city tours, we have installed the motors with produce a smooth, quiet rhythm on the barges.

Possible tours
A trip around town and through the Oudegracht - the inner city of Utrecht - takes about one hour. We also do longer boat trips beyond the city limits. These trips - for example on the river De Vecht - take at least four hours, giving you the opportunity to bring a picnic along and enjoy an afternoon on the water. We can also arrange a musician to serenade you with quiet and romantic, or upbeat and merry, tunes on his accordion. In case of rain, we have provisions for cancelling or re-scheduling your trip. If you're not interested in the quiet rhythm of the motor, but you wish to spend some quiet, self-propelled time, on the water, we also have a lovely little row boat for rent. The rowboat can accommodate up to four people (lifejackets are available).

If you want to make a plan that inlucudes your own picnic, please do not hesitate to call me, mail me or visit me to see the boats in advance.